Busy Busy!

Man I have been way busy with work lately!! However we are officially in show season!!!!! I’ll get a couple pics up in the next week here, but stay tuned for June 28th, have a couple surprises in store for that day, edited videos anyone??? #jdmrollingshots

Here’s a great Smokey Granite Mica IS250 with Volk TE37 rims. Rocking the perfect offset to make it hellaflush, this is another Club Lexus winner!!

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY HERE!!!!! Definitely some photoshop, but still what a great job. The EVO X is dead sexy too, blue on black will always be a great look. Credit too Derek Wheeler for the photo.

How about this beauty, black on black Lexus IS-F courtesy of ADV. 1 wheels. It has a full Wald Black Bison kit really accentuating the aggressive look, black is definitely the best looking color, check out that reflection!!! Hats off to ADV.1, the owner, and the photographer for this pic!!

Can’t remember where I came across this Honda Accord, but I saved it for my friend who is in the middle of modding his Accord. With all the imported pieces on this car it was definitely worth the money… One of a kind comes to mind.

Yes, I’m obsessed with Vossen CV3s. Yes, I do want a pair. No I don’t think it would look quite as sexy on my car as this beautiful Mercedes CLS. Body Kit, Slam, and Rims… This thing is sexy as hell!!!

This Audi S5 is SLAMMED!!! Came across the pic while looking for rims on Vossen’s website. These Vossen CV3s look great on the A5 especially with the extreme concave, but I still think they would look better on my Lexus!! In all reality this S5 was very well done, and I don’t think anyone will be saying they should slam it any more than it is!

Surfing the web and came across this great 350z via State of Stance. Calling the dish on this beauty deep is an understatement. Tuck them wheels!!

I was combing through pictures of bagged cars and came across this one… Lovingly dubbed the “Landshark” this Jaguar XK is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy this courtesy of HPS Airride they nailed it on this car!

I would kill for this garage, anyone else??

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